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About This Research Group


Formulation of Basic Hydrogen Strategy

In December 2017, the Basic Hydrogen Strategy1) was formulated to work together with the government to realize a hydrogen-based society ahead of the rest of the world. It presents hydrogen as a new option for carbon-free energy, and presents a broad direction and vision that the public and private sectors should share with a view to achieving goals around 2030 and 2050 (net zero greenhouse gas emissions).

Formulation of strategic roadmap for hydrogen and fuel cells

Furthermore, in July 2018, the 5th Strategic Energy Plan was formulated. In order to make hydrogen a new energy option on par with renewable energy, the direction of hydrogen energy in energy policy was included. For example, reducing the procurement and supply costs of hydrogen, including its environmental value, to a level comparable to that of conventional energy. In October of the same year, the Tokyo statement was released, and in March 2019, the New Strategic Roadmap for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (text) (summary)2) was formulated in response to these formulations and releases. A new action plan was included to clarify specific actions to be taken to achieve the goals and share them with the public and private sectors.

“Distributed Energy System with Hydrogen Storage” Necessary for Local Communities

The above “the Basic Hydrogen Strategy” and “the New Strategic Roadmap for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells” represent a unified policy toward the realization of a hydrogen-based society, and the content is to be implemented by the public and private sectors working together. Among them, “Energy use circumstances differ from region to region. Efforts related to energy and the environment that take advantage of regional characteristics are being promoted in each region. In order to promote the use of hydrogen, the national government supports the use of hydrogen in local communities.“ It can be said that we have reached a stage where we can foresee the spread of the “Distributed Energy System with Hydrogen Storage,” which will become necessary in the era of population decline in local communities, in line with the progress of social conditions and technology.



This research group will be established as an innovation platform to exchange necessary information/opinions and plan in order to promote joint research and development with companies, etc. and envision future social implementation on distributed energy system technology with hydrogen storage at RIKEN. Upon establishment, RIKEN innovation, which is the secretariat, will be the operating body.

Activity purpose

RIKEN, a public research institution, and RIKEN Innovation, a corporation that utilizes RIKEN’s research results, gather companies, local governments, and research institutes that are willing to demonstrate, and promote the demonstration construction of a distributed energy system prototype suitable for the region and purpose facility. By demonstrating its usefulness, we will lead to the construction of a “social model” in which industrial implementation proceeds independently.


2021-2030 (10 years) *Operating policies are reviewed annually

Joining institutions

As of December 2023, a total of 30 institutions, including 25 industrial members, 3 university/national research institute members, and 2 special members, whose roles are equipment technology, control technology, heat utilization technology, demonstration site coordination, and coordination of this research group, is joining.

Activity content

This research group (≠ consortium) will carry out the following activities in order to achieve the aforementioned purpose. However, this research group promotes open innovation and does not cover closed innovation such as individual joint research, demonstration construction, and start-up of venture with a view to business conducted by each joining institution.

  1. Exchange of information and opinions, planning work for basic research, application development research, practical application activities, demonstration construction activities, safety and regulatory compliance related to Distributed Energy System with Hydrogen Storage and related technologies
  2. Providing opportunities to exchange opinions and interact with other research institutes and organizations 
  3. Establishment of subcommittees for each purpose to promote 1.2. 
  4. Other matters necessary for achieving the purpose of this research group


Difference between Consortium and Social Implementation Research Group


Positioning of Innovation Steps and Social Implementation Research Group


  1. the Basic Hydrogen Strategy (EN)(PDF 346KB)
  2. Strategic Roadmap for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (text)(in Japanese)(PDF 352KB)Strategic Roadmap for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (summary)(in Japanese)(PDF 4.773MB)
  3. Data server link for members


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