RIKEN Innovation performs the following duties on consignment from RIKEN: Intellectual property (patent applications and related duties); Legal/contracts (drafting of collaborative research contracts and the like); Technology licensing (contract-related negotiations); Start-up support; Joint research promotion; and Co-creation with industry.

Technology licensing

Intellectual property development, strategy and license management; license development and management of contracts

Start-up support

Uncovering “seeds” among RIKEN’s research achievements with start-up potential; assistance and training for individuals interested in start-ups

Joint research promotion

Searching for joint research topics and negotiating contracts with industrial partners; project coordinators assigned to promote joint research, while considering commercialization and exit strategy

Co-creation with industry

Platform consisting of RIKEN’s intellectual property, in addition to RIKEN’s capacity for research and technology transfer made available for members; inter-organizational collaboration promoted on a mid- to long-term basis aiming for practical implementation through co-creation