Business Summary

Our coordinators are well versed in the latest research at RIKEN

Aiming to quickly turn RIKEN’s research results into value for society, we are focusing on three areas: Intellectual Property & Licensing, Startup Business Incubation, and Corporate Collaboration

Our Main Business Activities

 Sharing a vision

Support for creating new industry by vision-sharing with private sector

 IP rights

Assistance for obtaining intellectual property rights

 Proposals to industry

Proposing useful RIKEN research results to industry

 License negotiation

Proposing RIKEN IP licensing rights acquisition to companies and contract negotiation

 Startup support

Pre- and post-startup support based on RIKEN research results for researcher/entrepreneurs

 Project coordination

Coordinating the establishment and operation of projects aimed at practical application of RIKEN’s research results

 Support for getting funded

Assistance in obtaining public funding needed to commercialize research results and VC funds necessary for startup

 Kanae program

Membership-based services for small and medium-sized companies